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When we are together, everything is possible

At Bengt Dahlgren we value and strive for a curious mindset. We dare to experiment to find solutions for the challenges our clients, society and planet faces. We are large enough for the big, exciting projects and small enough to able to hold on to that familiar feeling.

Think start-up vibe but in a secure environment. As far from the one-man-consultant as possible, we work together. And we are looking for more people who wants to be a Bengt at work, is that you?

What can we offer you

Break new ground

Sustainability permeates all of Bengt Dahlgren, all our Bengts and all our projects. Together, we challenge each other and create the cities of tomorrow!

Education & Personal development

There is always a course or challenging project around the corner! We promote development in every aspect, both technical and personal, and we prioritize cutting edge projects and getting up to speed. If you have a clear goal, turn it in to reality at Bengt Dahlgren through clear career pathways and a large capacity for action.

Bengt Dahlgren-spirit

We are a bunch of commited Bengts who dare to care, learn from our challenges and trying new methods. Our commitment is the answer.


We like to move outside our comfort zone - that's in our DNA. Thats perfect for every courageous innovator who wants to create a sustainable society.

Collective working agreements & Benefits

Insured from head to toe, paid sick leave and parental leave and service pension. We are a member of Benify and have several other benefits, for a work life balance.

Inclusive workplace

We have a zero tolerance policy for discrimination behaviour. We work proactively to broaden our perspectives internally, externally and through social sustainability.

Open positions

Are you our new colleague? Below is all our open positions, the ads are in Swedish but we also have one in english which you can use for every occation. We hope to hear from you soon!


    Open application

    We are always on the lookout for new colleagues. Send in an application and tell us what position you are looking for, or chech out all our open positions.


    Our application for internships for fall of 2023 is now open. Please se our swedish ads for mor information or use the english ad.

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