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We want to lead the construction and property industry by providing efficient, environmentally-friendly, and resilient properties for people to thrive in. We are the civil engineering consultants.


AI in Electric Village

Right now, which type of energy has the lowest environmental impact? Solar, geothermal, or district heating? In Tallbohov, AI picks the most environmentally friendly energy source at any given moment! It also anticipates the need to store and consume energy.



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We help you through the entire construction process, from idea to management.

As experts in 90 service areas, we can advise you on everything from project planning to administration.

Through project management, we coordinate objectives, plan, and follow up using models, structures, and tools. A good system increases a project's efficiency and improves cooperation.

Planning that meets deadlines and achieves goals. All of our services are geared towards meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.

Through inspections, checks, and investigations, we ensure that your project maintains the highest quality. A smarter, more careful approach leads to buildings and system solutions that last longer.

We are breaking new ground! Sustainability permeates every aspect of our company, all of our Bengts, and all of our assignments.

By using and developing digital methods, we create the best conditions for long-term, sustainable projects.


We offer custom made courses

Our extensive experience teaching courses allows us the flexibility to create custom courses in our specialties. Our teams are happy to conduct trainings digitally, for example, via Teams, and to adjust their length and presentation style depending on your needs and preferences.

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