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About us

We are Bengt

Bengt Dahlgren is a privately owned technical consultancy firm within buildings, properties, construction and civi engineering. We are also certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001.

Today, we are almost 700 consultants proudly part of the Bengt family. Together we make properties come alive and the people inside them to feel good. Heating, cooling, ventilation, fire protection, sustainability, safety, light, dark, physics water and energy is our world and no one knows it better.

Our wide experterise and large areas of services makes it possible to offer innovative solutions to our customers thorughout the process in any field. We nurture excellence and provide it to you, as technical consultants we strive to make the hard things easy.

Our history

Everything started with Bengt in 1952

Bengt Dahlgren was the handy inventor who founded the company and sucessfully grew it in the coming 30 years. Engineer, entreprenour and innovator with a talent for understanding HVAC in a time where buildings started to become more complex. With curiousity, he took on challenging projects to develop techniques and form an understanding of what people need to live and thrive. Today we are an always growing bunch of consultants who proudly wear our founders name Bengt. We unite in evrything that makes buildings come alive and people to thrive. Because sustainable solutions are so much more than just technics, and this is our DNA.

Our core values

Welcome home to Bengt Dahlgren!

(beacuse in Swedish our values spell out home (HEM) which is what we want our consultants to feel)

Holistic views – From the small detail to the bigger picture

With care in mind, we broaden our perspective and look out for each other. Here, every component, person and act is important. We strive to always do our best for the team and the project and because of that, we make sure to handle both the details and the bigger picture.

Committed – From the latest idea to the heart we put in everything

We dare to care, learn from our challenges and tries new methods. We look for the best solution and more often than not, our commitment has the answer. With equal parts will and knowledge, our hearts beats with commitment for customer and colleague alike, for projects and Bengt Dahlgren as a whole.

Curagious – From inside to outside our comfort zone

Proud and learning from our long history we look forward to tomorrows challenges and innovations. Because we mean business with our curagious new thinking. We are curious to see what can be invented and know that a safe and secure environment makes room for new ideas. Because everything can improve, from the way we work together, develop and learn from each other, all the way to how we take care of the world.

Bengt Dahlgren consists of seven companies in cooperation.

The  management
Every company has their own board of directors. The group has a management team responsible for coordination, development and managing the groups activities, it consists of the CEO for each company.

The board
Every company har their own operational board with an external president, who handles the local companies. For managing the parent company and the group according to swedish law, company order, owners and consortium agreement there is a separate board where the president from each company board is present. 

In the picture is our board responsible for the Bengt Dahlgren group.

From left: Åke Rautio, Christer Larsson, Christina Lundqvist, Jan Leife, Petra Palmgren-Lindwall, Erik Almgren, Christian Johansson
At the front: Agneta Lundén Hjält


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