Sustainability at Bengt Dahlgren

Our sustainability goals for 2022-2025

We want to be the company which makes our clients the most sustainable in the industry
2025: Our clients think we are the company in our industry who makes clients the most sustainable

Decreased climate impact in our projects
2025: 25% decreased climate impact from the materials in our installation projects
2030: 50% decreased climate impact from the materials in our installation projects

Inclusive workplace
2025: The perceptions that we are an inclusive workplace is 100% from our employees
2030: Equality on all levels in the company

Climate neutral operation
2025: Decreased emissions by 50% from our operations 
2030: Climate neutral operation 

Did you know that we also offer several different services within sustainability to our clients? For example, we can deliver a sustainability strategy developed for your specific company and needs.

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Sustainability report

When our world faces giant sustainability challenges, we at Bengt Dahlgren have the possible to not only affect and influence, we have a responsibility. Together with our committed colleagues and stakeholders we have the possibility and obligation to make a difference and actively contribute to tomorrows sustainable world.

Read our sustainability report and how we take on the challenge.

Our statement

In order to reach a sustainable world and society, we all need to contribute with knowledge and a will to change. At Bengt Dahlgren, we made our statement. We will be a forerunner. With committed colleagues we offer a overall solution which contributes to more sustainable construction. It should pay off to be sustainable.

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