Geoenergy and Geotechnics

Detailed knowledge of ground properties is essential for the construction industry in order to develop sustainable infrastructure and real estate projects.

Our Geo group has expertise in soil and groundwater-related issues and helps our clients to implement projects with efficient and sustainable use of land from an early stage.


As a company, Bengt Dahlgren has an extensive expertise in preliminary ground investigations and design of geoenergy facilities. Our geoenergy group consists of several civil engineers, two PhD students as well as two PhDs in geothermal heat pump technology. We are involved in several projects where innovation meets standard solutions. We also conduct our own development projects, which means that we are at the forefront of technical know-how and active in research.

Geoenergy refers to the free energy that is located directly under our feet in the ground. Taking advantage of this energy can be achieved in several ways: through geothermal heating, cooling, energy storage (low and high temperature), using groundwater and more. With Bengt Dahlgren as your partner for your geoenergy system design, you get an active and committed player who looks at quality, environmental and energy aspects. Focus is also placed on the project economy, sustainability and profitability of the future geoenergy system.


Not only do we have solid knowledge of heat transfer in the ground, but we also have expertise to help our customers throughout the entire rock engineering process. We are able to help with all kinds of issues regarding shafts, reinforcement and sealing of rock. Any task from slope stability calculations, construction document design for foundations of properties, tunnel design, investigations of sulfide-containing rock to multidisciplinary design coordination in infrastructure projects. We can help with issues in rock engineering, rock mechanics and geology, for example:

  • Sulphide investigations
  • Tunnel and core mapping
  • FEM calculations
  • Tunnel and slope stability
  • Bedrock surveys and foundations
  • Tender calculation and contractual issues in rock excavation and tunnel contracts
  • Design of construction documents

We also collaborate with geo-engineers and geotechnical engineers and can take care of assignments where both competencies are required.

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